What a Small Home Gym Needs

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Sometimes you feel too lazy go to the gym. You would spend too much time on the road when you could have used it for physical exercises. The solution for this situation is to build yourself a small home gym as closest to your bedroom as possible. This is how you can do it:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fitest of them all

You don’t need a big room for building your gym. A small one should be enough. In fact you don’t need a special dedicated room for it, you could place your personal fitness equipment in a corner in your living room. The thing is to mark your territory with some large mirrors. Mirrors create the optical illusion of more space and they will help you monitor your weight for every work-out session of yours. It’s ideal to also have a weighing scale near you so you can check out your progress from time to time.

A set of dumbbells

Dumbbells belong to the most practical fitness equipment category. One option for you would be to have a few sets of different weights. As you will work your way through the process of body shaping you may need heavier and heavier dumbbells, that’s why it may be better to invest in a set of adjustable dumbbells. There are so many physical exercises that you could do with the dumbbells – you could even download a special application for your Android as a guidance.

Resistance bands

A set of resistance bands will not take a lot of space in your small home gym and they will be very useful for so many exercises. Even if they are nothing than a roll of elastic banding, they are very versatile. They could even replace the dumbbells for a few exercises. You can even find on the market some advanced systems that come with handles and door attachments. They are cheap and extremely useful. They are compact and light, they don’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars and you can do around 100 exercises with them.


Although fitness is very useful for your body you shouldn’t skip the cardio work-out if you want to lose weight. A weight loss physical exercising program begins with some fitness exercises and it ends with a cardio session. A treadmill is extremely useful to have it in your small home gym. If you plan to lose weight then you cannot skip the cardio work-out. Jogging for 10 minutes is extremely pleasant and comfortable especially when you do it in your home, on a treadmill, with your windows wide opened while watching the news or your favorite show on TV. If you want to learn more about treadmills, visit besttreadmill.reviews, a very informative website where you will find the top rated treadmills of the moment, analyzed based on their main features.

Rowing machine

Another item you need to include in your home gym is a rowing machine that can successfully work many muscles in yoru body so you will need fewer other machines. The kettler kadett rower could be your top choice first of all because it can be folded and stored away, which is great if you don’t have too much space available.  Moreover, it comes with a smart computer that monitors not only your workout parameters but also the ambiance in the gym. The durability of this machine makes it a great investment for your home gym.

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