Achieving a nice kitchen design depends on the type of appliances that you are planning to use to finish your household chores. Therefore, if you search for a coffee maker that can add a special vibe to your kitchen decor, we advise you to opt for a machine that is both functional and attractive. Based on your preferences, you can choose between devices that can help you save space, multifunctional machines, or convenient, portable coffee makers that can be easily stored and kept out of your sight. Still, if you are looking for a way to improve your kitchen, you should direct your attention towards the latest trends in coffee makers design.

Brunopasso PD-1 Espresso Machine

A modern kitchen design can turn a regular house into a smart home, which is why you need to consider a coffee machine that will combine functionality with style. The most practical device will offer you a delicious cup of coffee while enhancing your kitchen in a great way. Therefore, we recommend you the Brunopasso PD-1 Espresso Machine, which is considered the Ferrari of coffee makers. This incredible product features the facade of a sports car, which makes it unique among traditional appliances. Furthermore, giving its front mounted RPM gauge, it can help you create a themed kitchen decor. So, if you are a fan of fast cars, the Brunopasso is what you need to decorate your house.

The TopBrewer Coffee Faucet with iPhone control

Everyone dreams about turning on their faucet and get fresh, great-tasting coffee. Although that seemed impossible in the past, it can be done now. With the TopBrewer Coffee Faucet, you will be surprised to see that coffee will come out from your faucet instead of water. This invention is great for people who are too busy to maneuver even the simplest coffee machines. Since this coffee faucet can be built directly into your tabletop or counter, you can obtain coffee easier than you ever imagined. All you have to do is use the touch screen that comes with the faucet to choose your favorite type of coffee. Giving that you can use an application to set the machine to make coffee from your iPhone, you can get a cappuccino, an espresso, or just a regular coffee in a matter of seconds.

The Conceptone. SC1 Coffee Machine

This lightweight and compact coffee maker is fully automatic and it operates through the two-touch slider that is located on top of the device. It can be seen as a basic model that provides user-friendly features and a contemporary design. It has the ability to display the water flow through the machine while it gets to the point of brewing the coffee. So, you can be confident that it can add lots of charm to your kitchen decor.

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