Tips for Building a Home Sauna with Minimum Expenses

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Home saunas are the ultimate home improvement that not only adds to the value of your home but also enable you to relax and enjoy the benefits of the sauna in the intimacy of your home. If you plan to build a home sauna and you want to keep the investment to the minimum, we suggest you choose one of the far-infrared saunas which are safer, easier to build and cost less. The following tips will help you through the building process so the result will be cheap yet efficient.

Construction tips

Saunas are usually built of cedar wood because it’s durable, it will not suffer from heat or moisture and it will ensure a perfect insulation. You won’t have to go for the most expensive type of cedar wood for the paneling since you can even use recycled panels from a carpenter or a construction site. The only thing you have to pay attention to is to choose wood that hasn’t been treated with chemical substances that will make it dangerous around fire sources. For assembling the wood panels, tongue and groove is the most popular method because it immediately puts all the panels together without having to use nails.

Insulation tips

Cotton insulation is the best choice because it’s eco-friendly and it doesn’t cost too much. You can’t make it yourself because it has to be treated in order to become fire retardant, but it’s safer and more affordable than fiberglass. Once you have placed the cotton insulation between the baton frame, create a vapor barrier that will keep moisture inside the sauna. Aluminum foil is what you should use because it’s cheap and it will resist to high temperatures without melting. Work your way from the floor up and insulate the entire construction with cotton and aluminum foil.

Seating tips

For the seating inside the sauna, choose a wooden bench that is resistant to heat and doesn’t get too hot like metal does. A cheap choice is a futon you can find at the local used furniture store and that can be easily turned into a sauna bench. Remove the mattress on top, trim it to fit your sauna, and you will have a comfortable and cheap seat inside the sauna. Place the seat between two infrared heaters in order to get the best results, so it’s best that you position the heaters before the futon.

Infrared heaters

The heat emitted by far-infrared heaters is more comfortable and less damaging than the steam created by a regular wood-burning heater, this is why it’s more recommended for a home sauna. You have two options of installing far-infrared heaters and one is more affordable than the other. You can either buy infrared heaters and install them inside the sauna or you can fit infrared bulbs to standard light fittings. 1,000 watts of power is enough to heat a medium size sauna and a set of bulbs of that intensity cost around $60.

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