The Standard Elements of a Cottage Interior Design

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There is nothing more welcoming than a cottage interior design. Choosing a rustic theme to decorate your house can add a special charm to the place, as it can make it more comfortable and cozy. Therefore, if you think that opting for a country style for your house can suit your personality and taste, we recommend you to pay attention to the details that can help you achieve a rustic, but elegant design. Here are the main highlights of the country style.

Consider white wood paneling

Most country home designs feature white wood paneling, but if you are not happy with the idea of an all-white house, we recommend you to use subtle, earthy colors to mark the theme of your decor. Furthermore, floral patterns that have soft tones of green, amber, tan, caramel and slate can look fantastic in a cottage house. You can also use accents with different textures and patterns to add more life to the place. For example, you can choose between checked and stripped patterns for the slipcovers, and you can add more interest to the space by placing floral handmade pottery in different corners of a room.

Give your space an aged look

Depending on your preferences, you can buy vintage wallpapers to give your walls an aged feel, or you can add more texture by using interesting painting techniques and effects. The uneven suede finish can work great for a cottage interior design, so consider this detail to create a fantastic decor. Furthermore, we advise you to use elements like baskets and primitive, old-world furnishings to add more history to the place. Giving that you can find all sorts of decorations in antique shops, you shouldn’t worry about not having the standard elements that you need to decorate your house.

Timber floor finish

Wooden floors are a key element for creating a cottage interior design. Furthermore, if you want to bring into prominence a rustic theme, we advise you to use woven rugs or carpets with colorful patterns to adorn your floors. When you plan to create a unique focal point into your living room, use wooden logs as chairs and tables. You can be confident that all you family will enjoy their new living room, and that everyone will appreciate your sense of style. More important is that you can create a comfortable environment where you will be able to relax and spend a nice time with your friends whenever you feel the need to.

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