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In a modern kitchen, the dishwasher has its importance and utility, being an appliance more and more wanted and appreciated in a household. Given that is eases the chores of the mothers, helps families save money on water bills and offers more time spent with the loved ones, you can certainly state that the dishwasher is a useful and valuable appliance. But with all the models available on the market, how can you be sure which one is the best for your needs? We did some research on one of the best dishwasher reviews websites, and we made a list of the top 3 dishwashers of the moment. Here are the best three models of dishwashers you want to have in your kitchen.

Miele G5105SCU

Although it may sound strange, some dishwashers have the capability to sanitize dishes, which is a very important aspect especially for families with babies. However, the machine should be thoroughly cleaned for bacteria to not develop inside it and for the machine to be able to sanitize the dishes. The most impressive, yet the most expensive model of dishwashers with a sanitizing feature is the Miele G5105SCU, a high-rated appliance that offers flexibility and performance, in addition to the sanitizing ability. This type of dishwasher reaches from 156,8 degrees to 164,4 degrees, which is great for disinfecting the babies’ bottles and dishes.

Beko DFN 6833

The Beko DFN 6833 is a modern device with an LCD screen and eight washing programs that differ in duration, intensity, water temperature and the material of the dishes to be cleaned. Thanks to the LCD display, users can view information about the remaining time of the chosen program, they can choose to stop or interrupt the program and even postpone it. The capacity of this dishwasher is of 13 sets, it has six levels of temperature and is a part of the A + energy class. Its washing efficiency also fits the A category, as well as the drying efficiency and it consumes only 10 liters of water and 0.94 kW for every washing cycle.

Whirlpool ADP450WH

The Whirlpool ADP450WH washing machine has a capacity of nine sets, five washing programs, a LED display and a very low water and electricity consumption, namely 13 liters and 0.81 kW for every washing cycle. This dishwasher has four temperature levels that can be mechanically selected and it consists in various washing features, such as the 150 degrees Intensive washing, the 122 degrees Bio washing and the prewash feature. It is a very silent dishwasher that hardly reaches 54db, less than any laundry washer.

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