Spooky Halloween Home Decor Ideas

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Most people enjoy decorating their houses during Halloween. Some of them prefer the sweet playful childish Halloween decor ideas, others prefer something more hard core. We present to you some spooky Halloween home decor ideas for those who want something deadly serious.

Spider webs on your windows and all over your yard

Make your house look hunted by installing some lighted spider webs on your windows and some dusty white spider webs all around your yard. Some huge nasty spiders are mandatory. Buy some plastic skulls and make a spooky sanctuary in the middle of your yard. Decorate the trees in your yard with some orange lighting installation and some carved orange pumpkins with spooky faces. A smoking machine will make of your home a realistic horror movie set.


Sprinkle a few tombstones on the alley that lead to your house. You can buy them or you can make them yourself. The handmade tombstones are very easy to do – you can make them  of wood, cement or polystyrene and the beauty is that you are free to choose a customized message.

Your own villain

What would you want more from the Halloween holiday than to have your own villain in your yard. You can choose to have an alive one, a dead one or one that is almost in the point of dying. The truly scary thing would be to have the death in person in your yard. Prepare the throne for your favorite villain and make it look imposing. Don’t make it look too shiny – you must continue the dark theme!

Little dead princesses

Hang on your trees some dresses put on hangers and place a little flashlight in each one of them. The little girls who will visit your house and ask you for trick-or-treat will be very impressed by these spooky Halloween home decor ideas. You could even prepare some scary stories in order to support your decor and give the little girl visitors some interesting things to think about before they fall asleep many nights after Halloween has passed.

Indoor Halloween decoration

Why would you want to stop with your spooky Halloween home decor ideas only to the outdoor part? Get the spooky holiday spirit inside your home as well. What would you want for your trick-or-treaters to see inside your house when you will be opening the front door? Is it some giant skulls, some ritual chandeliers or some nasty huge spiders?

If you found the home decor ideas presented above to be inspiring, you should stop by the twuhousing.com website where you will find other unique ideas that will help you give your home a new look. Whether you want to remodel the whole house or you simply want to give it a festive look for a certain holiday, you will find a lot of inspiring ideas on the website that we previously mentioned.

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