Pros and Cons of Different Types of Refrigerators

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Buying a refrigerator is an important action, because it lasts for a long period of time. When making this decission, a lot of people look for the best refrigerator brands 2015 or they base their decision on design. However, in addition to aesthetics and brand reliability, you have to consider other criteria:it has to be practical, economical, efficient, reliable and if possible at a very good price. Here is a brief description of the main advantages and disadvantages of different types of refrigerators.

Top freezer

Top freezers are a classic choice between most buyers. These refrigerators have large capacity freezer compartment which is accessible through a separate door. They have usually one compressor, ensuring the refrigeration and cooling.
– It does not take much space, ideal for those with a small kitchen for singles or couples.
– Regarding the cheap models, they may have low power consumption.
– When the top is removable, it can be removed and the device can then be slid under a work plan.
– This refrigerator has one drawback: it is not possible to store food for a long time in the freezer compartment.

Bottom freezer

They are more practical and functional than the previous model. The freezer is used less often, sometimes we don’t need to bend down to access it. The fridge instead is placed at the most convenient plac. There are variations between the freezer and refrigerator that have a drawer which, depending on the model, can be all freezer or refrigerator for vegetables.
– It is very affordable
– It offers easier access to the freezer
– Bottom freezer require a wide and deep space to allow the doors to open
– The access to foods is inconvenient


Freezer compartment and refrigeration are side by side vertically completely separate, each with its own access door. The advantage of the narrow access doors is that is doesn’t interfere much when open. There is a downside: the two compartments are relatively narrow, so it’s harder to store larger products such as pizza boxes. Also due to the narrow space, the products are more difficult arranged and especially less accessible than those reached in the back.
– You can easily access both frozen and fresh meals
– The capacity of the freezer is high
– It’s ideal for narrow kitchens
– The narrow shape may not allow large platters to be stored
– It’s more expensive than top-freezer or bottom freezers

French Door

If you are looking for the best refrigerator brands 2015, you will see that most brands channel their efforts towards french door refrigerators because these are the most popular ones, based on the fact that they are highly practical. This type of refrigerator combines the features and functions of a bottom freezer with a side-by-side refrigerator. French door models are very wide; you can easily store large platters or pizza boxes. Moreover, 3 door models have a bottom freezer compartment, while the 4 door models offer a dual freezer compartment. It has other great features, such as ice dispensers and filtered water.
– It has an elegant and sophisticated design that blends nicely in a modern kitchen
– Provides a great amount of storage space, so that you can place more types of foods

Once you decide on a main type of refrigerator, it is time to analyze various fridges from that category. In order to do that, it would be wise to read some refrigerator reviews so that you can compare features and prices. For the most trustworthy and comprehensive reviews, you should stop by the website. There, you can find all types of refrigerators, analyzed in detail for your convenience.

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