Interesting Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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Living rooms are usually decorated in the idea of comfort, not fantasy, as it is a place where family members and friends sit together and spend their free time. However, this does not mean that you can not use your imagination and creativity to create wonderful living room decors. If your white walls are starting to become boring, with a little talent and imagination you can apply beautiful living room wall décor ideas that will create a fascinating background.


Mirrors are great decorations, especially for the living room because they are a tip for creating the feeling of a bigger room. Depending on the style of the living room, you can create a wonderful living room wall décor with the help of a large mirror with a precious golden frame, or you can place mirrors of various sizes to form different shapes on the wall. If you are passionate about mirrors, collect all the mirrors you don’t use and frame them in your own style. If you like the glamor style, use a gold spray paint to paint the frame, or you can choose the vintage version of damaged, scratched, silver-framed mirrors which you can offer a special appearance by polishing the paint.

Family photos

If you want to obtain a special effect, you can create a family tree on the living room wall. What better way to transform your walls than filling them with the faces f your loved ones? Choose the most interesting, funny and memorable photos of your family members, paint a tree on the wall and place the photos strategically to obtain your own family tree.


A great living room wall décor idea is to use wallpaper, but not on the entire walls, but a gorgeous print on one of the walls to create a central point of the room. Depending on the colors and fabrics you used for the decoration of the living room, choose a particular landscape, a floral printed wallpaper or any other picture you like.

Abstract lines

Let your imagination to put its mark on the walls of your house because they are like a painting canvas, the ideal support to highlight your artistic vision. Use some special wall tape to draw random lines along the wall in various directions. Then use different colors of paint in strong and complementary shades to create a great abstract painting on the entire all. It will look better than any expensive Picasso and you can praise you made it yourself.

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