Home Safety Improvements for Seniors

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If you want to make life easier for your elderly parents, we advise you to make some home safety improvements that can allow them to enjoy their house without exposing themselves to any risks. Furthermore, simple precautions can help you avoid many dangerous situations and create a safer environment for your loved ones. As people age, the body encounters modifications in the center of gravity, and it experiences a decreased muscle strength. All these changes make seniors more prone to falling and dangerous accidents. So, let’s see what you can do to make your parents’ house a safer living space.

Prevent stumbling

Studies have shown that one in three people who have an advanced age take bad falls every year, and the surprising factor is that most of those falls occur at home. Therefore, the first thing that you must do is to ensure that you keep electrical wires and run cords out of the way by securing them with cable clips along the walls. That will help you eliminate the risk of tripping, and you can protect your parents for serious injuries. Furthermore, we advise you to keep rugs and carpets in place by using grip tape to stop them from slipping.

Make stairs more accessible

Giving that most seniors have mobility problems, going up and down the stairs can be more challenging for them than you expected. Installing a stair glider on the stairway can be one of the best home improvements that you can make to help your parents enjoy a higher comfort and convenience. People with mobility problems have the tendency to become more sedentary. So, if you want to help your loved ones to get more access throughout the house, you should read the reviews on beststairlift.reviews, and find out which type of stair lift is best suitable for your parents. Moreover, you can inform yourself about the advantages of a mobility scooter. The best mobility scooter features a long range, and it can offer seniors the chance to continue to do the things that bring them joy by offering them more independence.

Install a medical alert system

If your parents live alone, you should consider the idea of purchasing a medical alert system, or an emergency call. This type of precaution can be life saving in case of serious accidents that can lead to sever injuries and even death. Keep in mind that first-aid kit should be placed on a low shelf that can be easily accessed.

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