French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

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We present to you some french country kitchen decor ideas that no one can resist to. People who not only like to admire this type of kitchen design but they also apply it in their homes are usually cheery and optimistic. They like to pay attention to details and they have good tastes. On the floor there will not be big pieces of carpet but little and detailed ones. The chairs will stand out through their upholstery, their wood carving style or their wrought iron style.

Light colored warm kitchen decor

In this type of kitchen almost every single thing in here has its own details and represents a design masterpiece by itself. Women usually prefer this type of kitchen design. A french country kitchen decor will always have on the table some cookies available to eat whenever you feel like eating some sweet. A cake and a basket of fruits are part of the natural decor.

Warm yellow kitchen decor

This kitchen design is suited for a loving family. The accent is put on the chandelier, on the multitude of kitchen cabinets and on the little short window drapes. There are many decorative objects in here which tickle the eye in a pleasant way.

Redish and green kitchen decor

This kitchen decor is more serious and it’s suited for any kind of house. The wall has brick-like decorations of reddish color tones. The contrast between the green and the red give the kitchen a Christmassy air. A massive imposing kitchen hood which immediately catches the attention is a normal piece of furniture for this type of kitchen.

Dark brown kitchen decor

This kind of kitchen decor is usually filled with hi-tech useful kitchen appliances. A skilled housewife will be able to cook here all the cookies and the cakes in order to expose them on the table afterwards. All the kitchens that follow the french country style have at least one high kitchen island. The counter top is usually positioned high as well.

Loaded kitchen decor

The french country kitchen decor always has many details. They somehow form an organized clutter. The kitchen appliances that beautifully fit in here usually have a retro appearance but the good looking ultimate generation appliances can also fit in here. On the walls you will see hanged many pots and pans of different sizes, most of them made of copper. It seems like all the kitchen utensils are easy to grab.

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