Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

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One of the most appreciated Christmas traditions is, without a doubt, decorating the house, the yard and the Christmas tree for this special holiday. When it comes to choosing the decorations, the entire family participates and every member contributes to obtaining a beautiful aspect. If you don not want to spend a fortune on the Christmas decorations, you can always find solutions for bringing the Christmas spirit into your house without spending a large amount of money. With all the preparations necessary for Christmas, the decorating budget should be the last one on your list and thus it could become a little short. If you want to manage to do everything you have planned, make sure you stick to the budget and find solutions that can help you save money.

Create your personal Christmas decorations

The best idea you can come up with when you are trying to decorate for Christmas on a budget is to make your own handmade decorations. This way you will put your mark on the way the house will look, you will use your imagination and creativity and you will also use many items around the house you were thinking about throwing away. Think about which part of the house you want to decorate, gather all the items you want to use and start creating your own special Christmas decorations.

Transform regular pine cones into beautiful decorations

Pine cones are great items you can insert in many types of decorations, from tree globes to table decorations With some glitter, spray paint and a few ribbons, you can ornate the Christmas tree with natural decorations. Pine cones can also help you create a wonderful item for the Christmas table, all you need is a beautiful plate, some flowers and some candles and you will have a beautiful decoration.

Transform your old tree globes into new ones

If you want to transform last year’s globes into new ones, you can give them a new aspect using spray paint, glitter, string and paper flowers. Use your imagination and cover the old Christmas globes with different colors, paint funny faces on them or glue flowers on them to make them look completely different. This way you don’t have to buy new tree decorations even if you don;t want to use the old ones.

Use plastic bottles to create an army of penguins and snowmen

Plastic bottles can turn out to be very useful if you want to create cheap and beautiful Christmas decorations. Paint them like little penguins, snowmen with cute scarves around their necks or even chubby Santas you can place around the house or the yard. Take small glass jars, spray them with special snow-like spray and tie a pine cone around the top edge and you have beautiful Christmas candle holders for your staircase or front porch.

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